March 2022


How To Appeal For Your Amazon Suspension?

In the times of COVID, every business has made an effort to enhance its online presence. Some of the companies shut down their shops because they could not keep up with the fixed cost (like rental charges) of the store concerned.

In that case, there are a lot of online ecommerce platforms where you have listed your products- and in most cases, it has become your only source of income. It is certainly a wrong thing to rely upon a single source of income, but what if even that single source of income is not there?

In a sense, you’ve had an email sent by Amazon concerning their decision to suspend your rights to sell on their website. Sounds dreadful, right? After encountering such a situation -the first step you would do is amazon suspension appeal.

Now, this is the process where people do things incorrectly, and you can approach the situation calmly because only the solution will come in your favour. Otherwise, things might get out of hand. Create a plan and then follow it diligently for the amazon appeal. Listed below are a few points which might help you with the planning part:

Step 1- Try To Take Information From As Many Sources As Possible.

Now in the heat of the moment, you might not read your email carefully, it would clearly state-

  • The reason for suspension
  • The procedure for listing your products with Amazon
  • Which department to contact in case of an appeal of the rest.

Sometimes, your products are not up to the customer’s expectations – because of this, you are getting more negative reviews. It, in turn, comes on the reputation of Amazon only. So you can improve the quality of products before getting your products listed again with Amazon. Often, the products sold are not authentic- like even after claiming authenticity, you are not selling any authentic products. Likewise, there are many other reasons also.

Step 2- Strategize

After knowing all the information, now is the time to talk to the department concerned about getting your account reinstated on Amazon. If the Amazon department claims that your products are not authentic, you can show them the documents of the product authenticity. You should keep all the records ready if any of the authorities ask for them.

Step 3- Write A Letter.

Now is the time to write a letter for amazon suspension appeal-Make sure that you are highly professional and formal while writing the letter.

Step 4- Send The Letter.

Even after sending the letter, if things do not work in your favour, -in that case, hire a professional who would look into the matter of amazon appeal and understand it better.

This way, there are unlimited plans you can make to appeal your Amazon suspension. Listed above are a few steps to help you out in this situation. Usually, in that panic mode, we cannot make a plan or strategize anything properly.

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Zilch Helps Consumers Buy Now Pay Later

In a perfect world, every purchase would be buy now pay later. Well, we aren’t there yet. But Zilch gets us one step closer. They’ve partnered with thousands of popular retailers to let you buy, buy, buy. Then pay it back over time–all with no interest.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s time you explored this popular payment service.

What Is Zilch?

Zilch may just be your new preferred way to pay. It’s not a traditional credit card. But you can attach it to payment apps like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

What’s so great about Zilch? It lets you buy now pay later without that outrageous interest others charge. What would you buy if you knew you could buy now pay later with no interest?

Thousands of Retailer Partners

Zilch partners with retailers you know and brands you trust like Apple, Nike, Amazon, and eBay. Groceries, electronics, home goods–you can find almost anything through Zilch.

These retailers want you to buy from them. But they know that you don’t always have all of the money when you want to buy something. So they pay Zilch to stretch your payments out over 6 weeks.

Do you have a favourite online store or physical shop? Chances are they’re a partner. But even if they aren’t, you can still buy now pay later. Simply, pay a tiny fee, up to £2.50.

How Does It Work?

Open the Zilch app. Explore the partners to find where and what you want to buy. Choose Zilch when you pay. Pay 25% for your first payment at checkout. Then pay 3 more payments–totalling the other 75% over the next 6 weeks. That’s the flexibility we could all use right now.

Earn Rewards and Buy More Stuff

As a user, you’ll earn 100 Zilch Rewards for every £1 you spend through the program and earn even more when you tell your friends. You can set the app up to automatically apply any points you have to the purchase, reducing your payment amounts. Or save them up for something special.

As a bonus, when you use the app to pay but pay it all in 1 payment instead of 4, you get 2% of your purchase back as rewards points.

Are There Any Annual Fees?

No one would judge you for asking this question. Most credit cards that offer you great rewards like these or a low-interest rate, charge a fee. But not Zilch. You have a smartphone, right? Then all you have to do is download the app and signup.

Note: Zilch is only available to UK residents right now. Terms and conditions apply.

Saving Money and the Planet

Zilch is a virtual Mastercard, but you’ll never get a plastic card via the post. Who needs a physical card anymore when you can Tap to Pay or buy online? That’s one less piece of plastic contributing to the plastic waste in our beautiful oceans and rivers.

So buy now pay later. Pay no interest ever. And pay no fees if you buy from a retail partner. It’s the responsible way to get what you need and want now.

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