May 2022


How You Can Choose the Best Office Space for New Start-Up

You need to consider several factors when you are starting up your own business. Choosing the best type of office location can be a daunting task, but in the first case, having a good understanding of the office needs and thinking of the budget will help you to move forward in the process.

Though most commercial leases range from 3 to 10 years, the tenant and business must follow some important criteria mentioned below before choosing your office space.

  1. Considering The Time Factor 

It is one of the major points you need to consider when choosing the best office space for yourself. When starting up new, be sure about the overall space where you want to establish the office. It is always advisable to choose a larger space to fit all the employees, workstations and other furniture.

The area should be spacious enough to make all the staff comfortable while working around. Whether you are leasing the office space or buying a new one, choose the spacious one. Pick up the best office chairs, desks and furniture to get that corporate appeal.

  1. Take Help From The Reputed Agent

As per the experts, it is always important to take the help of the agent who will help you find out the best office space per your requirement. The real estate agents have enough latest knowledge, they stay updated on the market price and also they have an idea of the type of spaces that are suitable for establishing the new business.

  1. Consider The Business Goals

Do you know growth projections for business at the time of leasing? What are the business goals during the years? Do you want to cut the costs for the business establishment? Do you want to attract or retain the key talent? Do you want to move for innovative ways of working? These are some of the questions you have to ask when looking for office space.

  1. Decide How Much Space You Want Vs. Need

The amount of space you need per employee depends on the nature of the business, and the way business is proceeding. For example, if you want to have a private office, the area and the decoration of the office space will be different from those you need to have a Government office. Are you working on the desk-per-person policy or flexible working options? These are things you keep in mind when you are choosing the space.

  1. Budget Is Also An Important Factor

One of the major factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing the office space is the budget. Therefore, before planning everything, it is very important to have a budget that will help you decide further what you can do and how you will proceed.

  1. Choosing The Right Location

If you have the budget and the space, the best way is to choose the right location. The place where the office is located should be well connected with the all neighbouring places and also has good communication and connectivity.

  1. Health And Wellbeing

If you want to see the productivity and well-being of the employees, try to have an ergonomic environment in the office. The workstation should be set so that it provides comfort to the employees.

These are some of the factors to consider when choosing the best office space. In addition, you can get different office furniture, desks and chairs from Kaiser Kraft, one of the leading office furniture and office supplies stores.

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Topics You Must Cover in Compliance Training

So, your company is about to conduct compliance training for employees. That’s great! Your company will be able to reap numerous benefits from maintaining compliance, from reducing legal problems to fostering customer trust.

Even if compliance has always been important to us, many employers may still find it confusing to determine the topics to cover. Regardless of what industry you’re in, compliance training courses must be designed to create a safe workplace for all employees.

Read on as we show you the common and important topics to cover during the next compliance training program:

  1. Conflicts of Interest

Employees might not recognize conflict of interest in their work, which can be troublesome for both employees and the company. It’s crucial to explain conflict of interest during compliance training, defining it appropriately and providing real-world issues.

  1. Anti-Harassment

Compliance training programs would usually include information on anti-harassment, defining it in all its forms and stating that the organization will not tolerate such behavior. It’s a good starting point but still incomplete.

You must make anti-harassment training thorough, defining it and explaining the strategies to respond to such behavior. Employers need to train their employees if they witness harassment in the workplace and how to report it.

  1. Workplace Safety

Did you know that Americans suffer from up to 2 million cases of assaults and threats of violence in their workplace yearly? Employers must aim to keep their employees safe and secure in the office, so it’s essential to provide the correct information and tools required to combat workplace violence.

Compliance training must include information about all forms of workplace safety, including safety protocols, identifying signs of workplace violence, and the company policies regarding handling any violent scenarios.

  1. Your Company Policies

Companies have unique policies and procedures when handling daily activities. Even if individuals have years of experience in specific industries, they may not completely understand your organization’s specific rules and methods. That’s where compliance training comes along, which explains these company policies.

During this compliance training session, you must spell out your company’s stance on drug and alcohol use and bullying, among other vital points that fall under the code of conduct. Explain the obligations of employees and employers, so everyone knows how they are expected to behave and what behavior to expect in return.

  1. Diversity Training

Today’s workforce is now even more diverse than ever, with companies hiring people of different genders, sexual orientations, ages, religions, ethnicities, and more. This diversity is an amazing opportunity for innovation and creativity. However, the benefits come in only if everyone in the company truly understands their team member’s unique strengths.

That’s where diversity training comes along, which must focus on the benefits of the diverse workforce rather. Spend more time teaching employees to listen and communicate with one another effectively, understanding the value of different viewpoints collaborating.

Wrapping It Up

These topics are just the beginning of what your company should tackle! Learn more about what topics you should cover during compliance training based on your industry.

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Decentralized Clinical Trials – Why They Matter

Decentralized trials are designed to encourage patient participation by eliminating or reducing the need to travel to the research sites. A Clinical research organization like Veristat helps conduct these trials remotely, with their subjects needing less time to go to the traditional clinic or hospital. These types of trials are only possible with the advancement in technology that has led to the use of the mobile phone.

Here is a look at why decentralized clinical trials are essential:

These trials are patient-centric

Decentralized clinical trials are patient-centric, which is very different from traditional clinical trials that do not focus much on the patients. Using mobile phones and other devices to collect data ensures that physicians are always aware of the patient’s condition and do not have to wait for them to go to the clinic for an examination. This also means that the physicians can interact with the patients during the visits and get to know more about their concerns and experience with the trials. These exchanges will help the CROs learn what they can improve on to help keep the patient more comfortable.

Allows more patients to have access to the study

Traditional clinical trials often exclude diverse patient populations. Studies show that Latin American, African American, and low-income patients can be underrepresented in the trials. Their primary health care providers do not offer the trials, and some study locations are very far from their homes. You may also find that the trial schedules often interfere with their jobs. When decentralized studies are implemented correctly, they eliminate some of these barriers. Patients can check-in using apps or at-home devices. They can also make appointments with their local pharmacies for testing rather than travel long distances to the research centers. This model of conducting trials also increases the patient’s trust in the trial. Studies show that patients who work with their local health care provider or community centers are likely to believe that trial researchers care about their well-being and concerns.

Creates opportunities for new roles for digital support

With the use of technology in clinical trial sites and apps, trials are now looking to hire and train people for new roles that didn’t exist before. A great example is the digital research navigator. This role did not exist before, but it is now crucial to the success of any trial that utilizes technology. The digital navigators will guide coordinators, physicians, and patients through the new software. Patients may have access to the apps and the internet, but they might not know how to use the cloud-based software. The navigators can help the patients become more comfortable with the app and the telehealth calls. They can also create individual accommodation plans for patients that do not have computers, internet access, and cell phones.

Decentralized trials make it easy for clinical research organizations to have patient-centered trials by including diverse patients. The model has evolved researchers’ roles to innovate ways to communicate with the patient and process research data better.

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How to Attract More Customers to Your Laundromat

Studies show that there are more than 20,000 laundry businesses across the United States. Customers, therefore, have more options to choose from. To attract and keep customers in your business, you will need to do more in addition to getting a Girbau North America coin operated washing machine at your premises. It is also important that you come up with innovative ways to attract more customers and increase your bottom line. To help you get started, here are some innovative ways to attract more customers to your laundry business:

Upgrade your business equipment

Upgrading your commercial laundry equipment and introducing new services will help you keep and attract new business. Today laundry clients love the convenience that cutting-edge technology provides. Therefore, laundromats that provide modern technology laundry equipment gain a competitive edge against the other businesses in the region. Upgraded machines have features such as automatic detergent dispensers that offer a great advantage to business owners and customers. The customers no longer need to bring their detergent, and the owners do not need to calculate how much detergent they need. Instead, the machine uses the correct amount based on the cycle.

Get active on social media

TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are great channels to grow your commercial laundry business. They offer a great way to expand your business following and communicate with your customers. You can also use social media to showcase your upcoming events and promotions. As such, creating your social media accounts is free, but you must create engaging content for this method to be effective. Post at least once per week on every platform and monitor the pages daily to respond to your customers’ questions.

Start a digital loyalty program

Starting a digital loyalty program is an affordable and easy way for your return customers to earn a point that they can redeem at your laundromat. A digital loyalty program also ensures that your clients use their digital stamp cards through their phones. You can offer discounts, free services, or products from the rewards that they earn. The rewards can measure the number of purchases made from the business or form the amount spent at your business. A loyalty program will have your regular clients return, thus increasing your business’s revenue.

Invest in new signage

When people are looking for a laundromat near them, they usually select a business in their local area. This means they need to have seen your signage while passing by that’s why visibility is important for your laundry business. The bulk of your customers are people who live within a mile or two of your business locations. So, you will need big vibrant signage that reflects the nature of your business and can help you stand out from the other businesses around you. It is also important to ensure that your business is well marked so that new clients can easily find your store thus, increasing foot traffic.

For your laundry business to keep attracting new customers and keep the ones you have, you must always keep up with the trends and ensure that your customers are well cared for.

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How You Can Protect Workers During Demolition Projects

Demolition dust projects have huge health effects on the people on-site and those living near the site. As a result, more people are exposed to the dust and asbestos from the demolished building. Dust and asbestos can lead to can cause health issues like silicosis, asthma, and death in some cases. This is why manufacturers of dust control equipment like BossTek provide effective solutions to help protect your workers during the demolition process.

Here are some of how you can protect your workers from the effect of demolition.

Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All the employees must have the correct PPE during the demolition process. The 5-part PPE must be worn at all times on the worksite. These include: Safety glasses, a hard hat, safety gloves, a high-visibility jacket, and steel-toe capped boots. The standard PPE can vary based on the nature of the project or your client’s specific requirements, but you must ensure that the equipment keeps your workers safe.

Have properly trained and qualified workers on-site

You must ensure that workers on the demolition site has the appropriate qualifications, experience, and training. Every employee must understand how to wear the equipment and have them on during the demolition process. Regular health and safety training will help reduce the risk of accidents. It is also important to check if the qualifications have expired since most do after a certain time. So, you must check to see if the training is up to date.

Monitor the dust, noise, and vibration

Environmental safety is crucial during demolition projects. The common by-products of demolition are vibrations, noise, and dust. You must effectively monitor and manage any risk to workers or the neighboring properties. Loud noises can permanently damage the hearing of your workers. It can also create a safety risk where your workers cannot communicate effectively, preventing them from hearing any warning signs. On the other hand, vibrations pose the risk of causing hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS). Your worker’s exposure to vibration must be managed to reduce the risk of the syndrome as much as possible.

You can also control the amount of dust on the demolition site by damping down the site with different water supplies. You can liaise with your local water authority for metering and permission. You can reduce exposing your workers to noise and vibrations by adjusting the hours your workers are exposed to these elements. You can have your workers working in shifts to ensure that they are kept safe.

Keep your site clean all the time

Having a clean and safe demolition site throughout the process is essential. A clean demolition site is the standard for most health and safety regulations and should always be implemented to keep your workers safe. A clean site means that you ensure that your workers have access to fresh drinking water and washing facilities. There must also be hot water and a clean environment to take breaks.

It is crucial to keep your workers safe during the demolition process. You must ensure that they work in an environment that fits your local authorities’ health and safety regulations.

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Is a Laundromat a Good Investment?

Being a small business owner has a unique charm, as you become your own boss and have even more flexibility when in charge. However, you’ll also need a strong grasp of responsibility and practicality. But since your business is an investment, you must choose what your venture should be.

This might make you wonder about laundromats and their potential as a solid investment. If you’re looking for a consistent source of income with high demand in most parts of the world, then laundromats are the way to go! Read on to learn about why laundromats are an excellent investment with these reasons.

  1. High Success Rates

Investopedia reported that 80% of new businesses would survive their first two years of operation. However, laundromats have a success rate of almost 95%.

Moreover, Speed Queen says that laundromats have an average investment return of about 20-35%. That means you have higher chances of success in the long run with a laundromat and receive your return on investment more efficiently.

  1. Not Dependent on Seasons

Laundry is an all-year-round need. There aren’t any off-seasons for laundromats! Sure, severe weather might lessen the customers for the day, but there’s no need to plan for any seasonal swings.

  1. Recession-Resistant

Even if people purchase fewer gadgets and clothes amid a poor economy, they will still need to clean their current wardrobe, no matter how high or low the dollar is. In fact, businesses for laundromats continue booming even amid the hard times as people feel reluctant to purchase laundry equipment for themselves.

  1. Quick Payment Cycles

Many industries would wait for 60-90 days for payments, or even longer than that. However, laundromats would accept payment through cash, card, or app!

That means laundromats have a quick payment cycle, which helps with your cash flow. It eliminates uncertainty, reducing time spent dealing with billing, invoices, and your accounts receivable.

  1. It’s Simple and Flexible

In typical laundromats, it would be customers who do most of the washing and drying. That means you won’t have to train your employees as much, nor will you need a large staff. You just need to make sure that they know about how to handle the equipment, learn when it’s time to repair or replace laundry parts in Laundry Replacement Parts, and provide excellent customer service.

As a business owner, all those things mean that the scheduling, employee management, and payroll are much easier to handle. As for inventory, laundromats won’t require as much as restaurants and retail stores. They’ll only need office supplies, alliance laundry parts, and the like.

Laundromats are self-serve enterprises, so the business doesn’t require constant supervision. This will give you, the potential owner, more flexibility compared to other demanding business models. You won’t need to be onsite to be reachable, with just a call, email, or text sufficing.

Wrapping It Up

Do you believe that a laundromat is the best investment for you? Begin your journey with a solid business plan now!

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